Hello there,

I’m Emma, welcome to my new blog!

A few things about me:

I’m a Waterford woman born and bred and I absolutely adore cooking, baking, dining out, dining in, talking about food, listening to foodie podcasts, reading foodie articles, books and posts, watching foodie programs and supporting local businesses, both food and non-food related.

I’m a full-time mature student in my 4th year of a degree in Social Care in Waterford Institute of Technology and would love to work in the community as a counsellor in the future.

I founded the Copper Coast Market in 2019, which is a pop-up food, crafts, art and vintage goods market I organise and run each month in Tramore during the Spring/Summer and we pop up for different events through the year. I love this market, it’s my baby and I have made some fabulously talented friends through it, in particular a group of supportive warrior women.

I live in a little country cottage on a hill with a fabulous seaside view with my lovely partner Eoin, our 1 year old cats, Bagheera and Fatty Magoo, and – basically our baby – Paddy, our 12 year old Yorkie cross.

I’m very passionate about body and self acceptance and living authentically, and I try to follow Intuitive Eating every day.

I come from a lovely foodie family – my dad used to be a chef and my bother is a trained chef and passionate fisherman, my mother is from a farming family and myself and my siblings all love good food as a result.

I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now, but took a break in 2019 to focus on building the Copper Coast Market and some other projects in the background.

Most of this blog will be around food. I’ll share recipes and experiences, talk about producers, foodie spots, food I grow myself and I may dot in some life bits and pieces along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I want you to know I appreciate it a lot and I hope you enjoy what’s to come – whatever it is!

Emma xx

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